Episode 27 – Eric Christianson w/ Nutrient Survival

Eric Christanson

https://romyzeid.com/Eric Christianson is the CEO of Nutrient Survival … a company focused on giving Americans the best, healthiest, tastiest nutrition – for times of adventure, performance, travel, preparation, sustaining off-the-grid, and everyday learning. From a boy playing in the woods, to West Point to Proctor & Gamble, Eric’s story is interesting to say the least!

Episode 26 – Vijaye Raji w/ Statsig

Episode 26 - Vijaye Raji w Statsig

Vijaye Raji is the Founder & CEO of Statsig, a rapid growing startup company based in Seattle, Washington. Born and raised in India, he began his career spending 10-years at Microsoft, then 10 more years at Facebook. Entrepreneur’s get ready because Vijaye is dropping knowledge for the listeners!

Episode 25 – Anthony Reynolds w/ HireVue

From Canada, to Cambridge to Silicon Valley, Anthony Reynolds has had a fantastic journey. My good friend, and CEO of HireVue, we discuss business, family, friendship…and a little Canadian humor!

Episode 24 – Afif Ghannoum w/ BIOHM Health

As the saying goes…”Go with your Gut”! Afif Ghannoum is the Co-Founder and CEO at BIOHM Health, which is a microbiome company providing probiotic supplements, super greens powders and colon cleanse products for gut health. Afif and his Co-Founder – his father – have an amazing background story and are amazing people doing amazing things!